Beethoven Made In China

DECEMBER 13, 2020
Sunday at 7:30 PM

Members of TŌN accompany Bard prep singer Daniella Travaglinone performing two tunes from Beethoven, interpreted into Mandarin Chinese “school songs” (zhonsheng qiming) during the early 20th century. The songs are part of an exciting and imaginative evening of musical interpretations of Beethoven with Chinese accents, presented by world-renowned artists including bass-baritone Shenyang, pipa virtuoso Wu Man, composer/conductor Tan Dun, the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, The Orchestra Now, and musicians of the prestigious Central Conservatory of Music. Hosts Jindong Cai, artistic director of the China Now Music Festival, and bass-baritone Shenyang will provide commentary throughout the program.


Tan Dun Internet Symphony No. 1, Eroica

Li Shutong 众生Zhongsheng

Li Shutong乞命Qiming

Beethoven Sonatine for mandolin and fortepiano in C major, WoO 44a (arr. for pipa and harp)

Beethoven Andante & Variations for mandolin and fortepiano in D Major, WoO 44b (arr. for ruan and piano)

Yu Jinjun Variations and Fugue on a Theme of Beethoven (Homage to Beethoven) for Orchestra


members of The Orchestra Now
Andrés Rivas conductor
Shenyang bass-baritone
Daniella Travaglione child singer

You Tube Symphony Orchestra
Tan Dun

Wu Man pipa
Julie Smith Phillips harp

Xue Miao ruan
Qi Yiduo piano

Shanghai Symphony Orchestra
Yu Long conductor


Livestreamed Online

from Olin Hall at Bard College

China Now Music Festival

The 3rd annual China Now Music Festival presents 8 days of online events celebrating the extraordinary story of Beethoven’s cultural and musical rise in Chinese society. More info at