De Profundis: Out of the Depths

APRIL 27 & 28, 2019
Saturday at 8 PM
Sunday at 2 PM

A co-presentation with the Trans-Siberian Arts Festival

Part of TŌN’s Fisher Center concert series

World-renowned violinist Vadim Repin joins TŌN for this musical exploration of Psalm 130, which reads “Out of the depths, Oh Lord, have I cried unto Thee.” The concert features two premieres and two works by women composers.

Repin will perform the U.S. premiere of Lera Auerbach’s Violin Concerto No. 3, De Profundis. Lili Boulanger’s rendering of the psalm, performed with soprano Elizabeth de Trejo, is dedicated to the memory of her father and was composed at the early age of 22, just one year before her death.

Also on the program are an a cappella choral interpretation by Pulitzer Prize winner Virgil Thomson, and the U.S. premiere of Joachim Raff’s setting for soprano, eight-part choir, and orchestra, which he dedicated to his former colleague, Franz Liszt.


Virgil Thomson De Profundis

Joachim Raff Psalm 130: De Profundis (U.S. Premiere)

Lera Auerbach De Profundis (Violin Concerto No. 3) (U.S. Premiere)

Lili Boulanger Psalm 130: Du fond de l’abîme (De Profundis)

Program Detail

Virgil Thomson De Profundis
Bard Festival Chorale
4 min

Brief remarks by TŌN bassoonist Adam Romey

Joachim Raff Psalm 130: De Profundis (U.S. Premiere)
Elizabeth de Trejo, soprano
Bard Festival Chorale
40 min

20 min

Brief remarks by TŌN violinist Drew Youmans

Lera Auerbach De Profundis (Violin Concerto No. 3) (NYC Premiere)
Vadim Repin, violin
36 min

Brief remarks by TŌN trumpet player Anita Tóth

Lili Boulanger Psalm 130: Du fond de l’abîme (De Profundis)
Elizabeth de Trejo, soprano
25 min

All timings are approximate.

Sample the Music

Lili Boulanger’s Psalm 130: Du fond de l’abîme (De Profundis): Matthias Beckert and the Monteverdichor Würzburg

TŌN oboist Regina Brady on Lili Boulanger’s Psalm 130: Du fond de l’abîme (De Profundis)

60-Second Thumbnail: Lili Boulanger’s Psalm 130: Du fond de l’abîme (De Profundis)

Trans-Siberian Art Festival

The Trans-Siberian Art Festival, founded in 2014 by Artistic Director Vadim Repin in his hometown Novosibirsk, shares its values with TŌN and Leon Botstein: to build cultural, social and geographical bridges across the continents by means of the arts and music education. Each year, the Festival commissions a new work, one of which is Lera Auerbach’s deeply moving violin concerto De profundis, which on this occasion will receive its U.S. premiere. The Trans-Siberian Art Festival has gradually spread out all over Russia to Krasnoyarsk, Omsk, Tyumen, Tobolsk, Samara, St Petersburg, Moscow and beyond its boundaries to Japan, Israel, Belgium and California. The collaboration with TŌN marks a particularly memorable moment in that a Festival project will be presented at Carnegie Hall for the first time.

Photo by David DeNee