All-Karol Rathaus Concert

FEBRUARY 24, 2019
Sunday at 3 PM

Presented by the Aaron Copland School of Music


All-Karol Rathaus program

Louisville Prelude (New York Premiere)

Piano Concerto

Merchant of Venice Suite (World Premiere)

Symphony No. 2 (U.S. Premiere)

Karol Rathaus Festival

Aaron Copland School of Music presents “Discovering Karol Rathaus” February 21–24, 2019, in collaboration with American Society for Jewish Music, Bard College, The Center for Jewish Studies of Queens College, Zentrum of the Vienna University of Music and Performance Arts, and To The Bitter End Productions, L.L.C.

The festival includes public lectures, master classes, and a concert of chamber music. More info at

Photo by David DeNee