Stravinsky‘s The Fairy’s Kiss

NOVEMBER 14, 2019
Thursday at 7 PM

These four works from the late 1920s, including the suite from Stravinsky’s ballet score The Fairy’s Kiss, give us insight into the evolving world of orchestral music 90 years ago.


Honegger Rugby*

Schoeck Buried Alive

Mitropoulos Concerto Grosso*

Stravinsky Divertimento, The Fairy’s Kiss Suite

*First NYC performances in over 50 years

Program Detail

Brief remarks by James Jihyun Kim oboe

Arthur Honegger Rugby
First NYC performance in 57 years
8 min

Brief remarks by Luke Stence bass

Othmar Schoeck Buried Alive
Michael Nagy, baritone
Sung in German; English translation provided in the program
43 min

20 min

Brief remarks by Larissa Mapua viola

Dimitri Mitropoulos Concerto Grosso
First NYC performance in 51 years
20 min

Brief remarks by Denis Savelyev flute

Igor Stravinsky Divertimento, The Fairy’s Kiss Suite
24 min

All timings are approximate.


60-Second Thumbnail: Explore this concert with TŌN violinist Dillon Robb

TŌN bassist Kaden Henderson on Stravinsky’s Divertimento, The Fairy’s Kiss Suite

Stravinsky’s Divertimento, The Fairy’s Kiss Suite: Fritz Reiner and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Photo by David DeNee