MUSIC FROM HOME: Woodkid’s “Brooklyn” performed on harp, flute & viola

Three musicians from The Orchestra Now—harpist Emily Melendes, flutist Leanna Ginsburg, and violist Larissa Mapua—got together from their respective homes to perform a cover of the song “Brooklyn” by Woodkid.

Ginsburg says: Emily, Larissa, and I were supposed to perform Debussy’s Trio Sonata this spring. We had just had our first rehearsal right before everything was shut down. I was so excited to be playing with these incredible female musicians, so it was quite a disappointment to have that taken away. ⁣Now we are in different locations, but I wanted to put together something that would commemorate our missed performance. The song is about being separated from loved ones and longing for the place where they are, which I felt was relevant to this time. ⁣I’ll leave you with my favorite line from the song: “Life is easier where we can join our hands.” ⁣