The TŌN Fund Donors

The Orchestra Now gratefully acknowledges the generosity of each and every donor who makes our work possible.

We value the generosity of all donors. Ticket sales cover less than a quarter of the expenses for our concerts and educational initiatives. Thank you for making this important investment in the future of classical music!

Estate of Clyde Talmadge Gatlin
Rockefeller Brothers Fund

Made possible by The Mai Family Foundation

Joseph Baxer and Barbara Bacewicz
Michael Dorf and Sarah Connors*
Michael L. Privitera
Emily Sachar
Felicitas S. Thorne*

Anonymous, in memory of Stuart Stritzler-Levine
Koren C. Lowenthal, in memory of Larry Lowenthal
Christine T. Munson*

Gary and Martha Giardina
Northwestern Mutual Foundation*

Anonymous (2)
Helen V. Atlas
Steven Holl
Robert A. Lonegran
Robert Losada
The Merrill G. and Emita E. Hastings Foundation
Susanne Neunhoeffer
Maury Newburger Foundation
Jen Shykula ’96 and Tom Ochs*
Thom and Valerie Styron, in honor of Jarrod Briley TŌN ’22
Vivian Sukenik
Irene Vincent*

Anonymous (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Atkins
Michael J. Hall
Stan Harrison
Hospitality Committee for United Nations Delegations (HCUND)
Tyler J. Lory and Michael Rauschenberg
James and Andrea Nelkin*
Inez Parker, in honor of David Kidd TŌN ’22
Shirley Ripullone and Kenneth Stahl
Anne-Katrin Spiess and Gerlinde Spiess
Alice Stroup, in memory of Timothy Stroup
Sally Sumner, in honor of Sara Page TŌN ’22
Shining Sung
Meyer J. Wolin

Anonymous (2)
Josephine G. Curry ’11
Nicole M. de Jesús and Brian P. Walker
Curtis DeVito and Dennis Wedlick
Jan M. Guifarro
Stephen J. Hoffman
Elena and Frederic Howard
George Jahn and Karen Kaczmar
Kassell Family Foundation of the Jewish Communal Fund
Bernard and Lisa King-Smith
Miodrag Kukrika
Amala and Eric Levine
Janet C. Mills
Anthony Napoli
Lisa and Albrecht Pichler
Catherine K. and Fred Reinis
Arlene and Gilbert Seligman
Jan and Jim Smyth
George Striedter, in honor of Ian Striedter TŌN ’22
Howard N. Wallick

Naja R. Armstrong
Erika Bernich
Jesika R. Berry
Diane and Ronald Blum
Richard C. Bopp
Kent Brown and Nat Thomas
Margaret M. Coughlin
Joseph and Phyllis DiBianco
Vincent M. Dicks
Richard and Hildegard ’78 Edling
Vera A. Farrell
Renate L. Friedrichsen
Howard and Caroline Goodman, in honor of Lucas Goodman TŌN ’23
Tamara Judith Gruzko
Lee Haring
William J. Harper
Karen and Perry Hoag, in honor of Bram Margoles TŌN ’21 and Katelyn Hoag TŌN ’21
James Gavin Houston
Scott Huang
IBM Matching Grants Program
Judith and Ron Goodman Charitable Trust of Fidelity
John and Min Hwyei Jeung, in honor of Brendan Dooley TŌN ’22
Charlotte Mandell Kelly ’90 and Robert Kelly
Rebecca S. Kidd, in honor of David Kidd TŌN ’22
Erica Kiesewetter
Arthur S. Leonard
Dr. Nancy S. Leonard and Dr. Lawrence Kramer
David L. Lewis
Fulvia Masi and William Tanksley
Virginia M. and Guenther W. May
Warren R. Mikulka
Charles H. Milligan and Henry Westmoreland
Gary Morgan
Ann and Thomas Robb
Brigitte R. Roepke
James Rosenfield
Edward Sandfort
Linda V. Schwab Edmundson
Thomas J. Shykula
Joseph M. Sweeney
Robert Vermeulen

Anonymous (2)
Melissa Auf der Maur
David Behl
Jeffrey Berns
Matthew C. Bernstein
Marvin Bielawski
Evangeline Caliandro
Dora Jeanette Canaday
Judith Chaifetz
Joanne Chu
Lisa Aber Cohen
Karen and Mark Collins, in honor of Cameron Collins TŌN ‘22
James Costello and Jaura Cannamela
Jefferson Cotton
Thomas De Stefano
John and Remy Duffy, in honor of Luis Herrera Albertazzi TŌN ’23
Priscilla Duskin
Carol and Peter Goss
Michaela Harnick
Terrell K. Holmes
Malcolm G. Idelson
Neil King and Diana King
David Kraskow and Liz Hess
Erika Lieber
Karen Manchester
Phyllis Marsteller
Martin and Lucy Murray
Stan and Bette Nitzky
Shirley Perle
Robert Renbeck
Jing L. Roebuck, in honor of Eva Roebuck TŌN ’22
Arthur Rose
Beverly and Rev. Stephen Ross, in honor of Gaia Mariani Ramsdell TŌN ’21
Suzanne Sarason
Mark Peter Scherzer
Dan and Rosie Schiavone
Bonnie S. Sgarro
Frances Sharpless
Linda C. Stanley
John Staugaitis
Phyllis Tuchman
Stephanie Walker
Ann and Douglas William
Judith A. Winzemer
Wayne and Dagmar Yaddow
Lynda Youmans, in honor of Drew Youmans TŌN ’19

Anonymous (2)
Fred Allen and Erica De Mane
Sharon B. Applegate
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Baker
Katherine Berry
Laurence Blau and Karen Johnsen
Frank Brice, Jr.
Geraldine Brodsky
Deloss Brown
Lael Burns
Harriet D. Causbie
Marsha S. Clark
Maria V. Collins
Elizabeth Davis
José M. de Jesús, Jr.
Andrea N. Driscoll
Wendy Faris
Mark L. Feinsod ’94
Claudia Forest
Miriam Frischer
Albert Gottlieb
Katka Hammond
Amy Hebard
Al Jacobsen
Steven Jonas, M.D.
Ann and Robert Libbey
Frank E. Lucente
Eva Mayer
Rikki Michaels
Fred Justin Morgan
Leslie Pepper
Richard Scherr
Diane J. Scrima
M. Lana Sheer
Anna Shuster
Shari Siegel
John Simpson
J. Waldhorn
Tija Spitsberg and David J. Weiner
Elizabeth Zubroff, in honor of John D. Murphy

*Includes gifts and pledges to the Bard Music Festival and The Orchestra Now Gala.

 This list represents gifts made to The Orchestra Now from July 1, 2020 to December 22, 2021.

For information on contributing to TŌN, or to update your listing, please contact Nicole M. de Jesús at Thank you for your partnership!

Photo by David DeNee