TŌN IN: Handel & Strauss

Last Sunday, TŌN’s music director, Leon Botstein, led the orchestra in a streaming concert that paired three works from the early 20th Century—including R. Strauss‘ elegiac Metamorphosen, written in the final months of WWII—with Handel‘s baroque Water Music Suite, composed for one of King George I’s royal water parties that took place on the River Thames on 7.17.1717. Scroll down below the video for basic program info and timings, or click here to read the full concert program.

0:43 Introductory remarks by TŌN horn player Emily Buehler
4:50 George Frideric Handel Water Music Suite No. 1
Read concert notes by TŌN oboist Shawn Hutchison by clicking here.

39:32 Introductory remarks by TŌN clarinetist Viktor Tóth
42:24 Arnold Schoenberg Chamber Symphony No. 1
Read concert notes by TŌN clarinetist Matthew Griffith by clicking here.

1:05:06 Introductory remarks by TŌN bassist Kaden Henderson
1:07:44 Silvestre Revueltas Cuauhnáhuac
Read concert notes by TŌN violist Katelyn Hoag by clicking here.

1:25:17 Introductory remarks by TŌN cellist Sarah Schoeffler
1:27:02 Richard Strauss Metamorphosen
Read concert notes by TŌN violinist Bram Margoles by clicking here.