VIDEO FLASHBACK: Handel’s Water Music Suite No. 1

Need a soundtrack for your time on the water with family and friends this summer? Enjoy our performance of Handel‘s Water Music Suite No. 1, which premiered 304 years ago this week on the River Thames in a concert for King George I. In his notes on the piece, TŌN oboist Shawn Hutchison tells us that the suite “Opens with a stylized and energetic French overture,” and  “features an assortment of Baroque dance forms (such as the minuet, bourrée, and hornpipe) transmuted from their original functions into lively concert music. These forms were a key element in the compositional language of the late Baroque, and were employed broadly and with great success by composers such as J.S. Bach, G.P. Telemann, and G. F. Handel.” You can read Shawn’s full concert notes on this work by clicking here.